Fine Arts, many different
concrete possibilities

The Academy fits into an important structural context, provided with newest-generation educational equipments and made up of a group of highly specialised teachers within the academic and artistic field and who have gained significant experience in the world of Arts, Painting, Design and Culture. Every single course promoted by The Tiepolo Academy of Udine is aimed at ensuring at the end of a five-year training course to young people all the instruments and competences that allow the possibility to join the labour market and the world of Arts.



The First Academy
of Fine Arts in Friuli

The “G.B. Tiepolo” Academy of Fine Arts was born in Udine with the aim of offering to the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia a new cultural opportunity: the chance to have the First Academy of Fine Arts in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The new proposal, welcomed favourably by the Province and the Municipality of Udine, as well as by the major category associations, obtained in April 2015 the decree of approval by ANVUR (Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca del Ministero dell’Istruzione) – The National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes – and in May 2016 the Ministerial Decree of Recognition signed by the Minister for Education, Stefania Giannini. The project related to the Tiepolo Academy was born within the Steering Group of “Volta Institute”, founded by Lanfranco Cristofoli.


Letter by the Director
of the Academy

In the end, after nearly four years of waiting, we have started off with this amazing adventure: the new “G.B. Tiepolo Fine Arts Academy”. I cannot conceal my emotion in the moment this possibility to fill the cultural emptiness that did not belong to us has been given to the territory of our Region. Thank you to those who believed in the realization of this project, but, above all, to those students who have requested to participate in this challenge that surely is going to make them deal with the labour market. Given the educational personnel engaged in all the three-year academic courses, the project is endowed with a great cultural and valuable background. All Institutions have shown particular attention to embrace this new reality regarded as the core of new knowledge in an ever-changing and dynamic field such as that of Graphic Design. Our land is a territory where the enterprises have learnt to evolve thanks to new types of product and writing. Apart from this, it is also homeland for those Designers who have innovated artistic expressions and styles. Some of these will be our teachers and they will build up a pool of utmost quality. Now it is time to let the lessons start and to wish the teachers a good job as well as a bright future to the students.


Prof. Fausto Deganutti
Dir. Accademia di Belle Arti G.B.Tiepolo


Our Academy: a new opportunity for Design professionals

Our Academy of Fine Arts fits into that kind of higher learning institution, which is part of the academic sector concerning Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance (AFAM – Alta Formazione Artistica, Musicale e Coreutica), dedicated to the Visual Arts, Design, Applied Arts and History of Art.  Unlike the other Higher Institutions substantially literary and scientific in nature, our Academy wants to achieve some fundamental purposes such as providing Higher Education, promoting the research in various domains pertaining to visual arts, and preparing our students properly to carry out their profession.

In 2016, The “G.B. Tiepolo Academy of Fine Arts” has opened its Department, The Design and Applied Arts Department, with a starting course on “Graphic Design for Enterprises”, the subsequent year followed by other courses on Painting and Interior Architecture and Design. In our Region there are a lot of various local manufacturing entities: some small and medium enterprises, and other larger and structured companies. Nevertheless, both of them need to employ professionals, who can help them to grow, to improve their public image, to enhance communication, to take care of the product and to better their own corporate identity.

The Design as well as the professionals employed within the scope of this project, are and must be seen as opportunities to make enterprises grow. For this reason, as we pay attention to the “know-how to do” skills, we have decided to plan a specific course, that, we hope, in three years, will train adequately higher qualified professionals from those professionals that already work successfully in the field of Graphic Design. We also hope those professionals will transmit their passion and all knowledge required to face the socio-economic fabric of our territory and to make it widen too.Our aim is to give our students those synthetic tools necessary to  manage the large amount of rules, technologies and cultural notions that are at the basis of a Graphic Designer’s training and preparation.


Claudio Papa
Director of the Design Department and Master Courses