Painting course

Gianni Borta

Duration: 80 hours

— Lessons start on 17th January 2017 and will be held on Wednesdays, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
— (the suggested timetable is being prepared)
— Cost: €850 + €50 registration fee
— Registration is open
— (minimum 15 participants. If the course does not run, the registration fee will be refunded. Payment is possible in two instalments)
— At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued by the Academy ABA UD


The course aims at teaching students the various movements within figurative art by pointing out that Modern Art is the result of an evolution that first started with Romanticism (the birth of contemporary art), then developed with the Impressionists like Cezanne, and with Cubism, finishing up with to today’s paintings.

Course contents:


You must forget the suffocating atmosphere of last century’s Academies of Fine Arts that did not allow students to analyse the elements of colour, and rarely allowed them to paint on raw canvas, because they used to follow concepts governed by strict conceptual and teaching rules.


I want to start with practical painting exercises in order to show that colour has its own
existence and that its infinite applications may even give life to a poem and a poetic language that are much more expressive than anything else.
The aim is to attain a complete technical and compositional education.
You must learn not to dwell on the impressionist appearance, but to create the structure of the work.
The geometric framework, a study which will then continue onto the most difficult technique (but one which gives greater results), the practice of oil on canvas, and also acrylic, watercolor, collage, drawing, experiences of mixed techniques, and much more.
This is all that you need in order to develop individual, independent study in the field of art.
With “EN PLEIN AIR” lessons, participants will be able to recreate the effects of light and colour by observing the real world within real nature.


After the success of the previous course, we would like to again offer the experience of a meeting between music and painting by analysing the theories of Kandinsky – the father of Abstractionism – who claimed that colour can directly affect the soul.
This could be done as spiritual research by painting to the sound of music or simply by listening to a musical band.
This could be a direct experience where colour is shaped through musical vibrations.


PAINTING EXHIBITION of works by the students attending the course in a town art gallery.


The course will bring out good qualities which have not yet expressed. This is what happened in the previous course. Even if it was only a brief course, the students who took part in it were able to understand that painting is like loving, feeling and communicating.
At the beginning, nearly half of the students who started it knew no painting at all, while now they participate in painting competitions and some of them have also been awarded prizes, do solo shows, do TV interviews, and are still now bound by a close friendship.
Finally, I would like to add a statement by the American artist Alex Katz which appeared in the “La Lettura” insert in the “Corriere della Sera”. He is considered to be one of the most outstanding painters of our time:
“Our art academies, like the French ones, are factories that bring out thousands of very good graduates that are very strong in the conceptual theory but who are forced to go abroad to learn how to paint”.

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