Studying in Udine

Udine, a heart of a city on a human scale

Udine is a heart of a city, not only because it was build following an ancient heart-shaped design, but because from the scenic focus called Piazza San Giacomo, earlier known as antica piazza del Mercato Nuovo, in a few minutes, on foot, you can go anywhere, or you can rather take a nice walk surrounded by Culture and Flavours.


Piazza San Giacomo and the surrounding area is by itself a micro-cosmos of bewitching scenery, with the porticoes that run all around it making sorts of a crown for the bright San Giacomo (St. James) Church, the second church in Udine for artistic wealth and liturgical importance, the medieval alleys , the picturesque canal, that flows skirting the second circle of walls and the very many elegant shops that are the mainstay of the city centre

Close by you can find Casa Cavazzini with the Modern Art Gallery. It is a Museum inside of a museum, the walls inside the premises guard a remarkable cycle of frescoes, form the Middle Ages to the  20th Century, and exhibits remarkable Contemporary Art collections, that make of this gallery one of the first ones in Italy. Not far from there, along the canal, you cannot miss the Palace of the Patriarchs of Aquileia  who resided there from the XIII to the XVIII century, having one of the most extraordinary artists of the eighteenth century : Giambattista Tiepolo decorate their dwelling. He painted there a cycle of masterpieces unique in the world.

The Renaissance Castle dominates everything. You cannot miss the ancient art masterpieces you find inside, going from Roman archaeology to art of the Venetian eighteenth century. From the top of the small hill, the building offers a scenic view of the Friulian plains, it embraces a large horizon all the way to the borders with Austria and Slovenia going from the Pre-Alps all the way to the sea.


Udine, city of art, also has an excellent University Campus that has all the Faculties and Research Departments contemplated by the Italian Republic and where the 15,000 students have a chance to choose among the several  PhDs available, specializations, masters, Master’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees.

In such a culturally impressive context, the Accademia di Belle Arti GB Tiepolo occupies a place of absolute importance.  With state-of-the-art equipment, the Accademia boasts a staff of excellent professors in the academic and artistic field and offers  1st level curricula in Visual Arts, Graphics and Design issuing degrees equivalent to university degrees that allow students to continue their specializing careers both in Italy and abroad.


Udine is placed in the middle of a hard-working area, with a strong industrial and commercial character. It is a vivacious and dynamic city, but keeps a strong link with old traditions.
Every year there are special events: International cultural music events, cinema, theatre and food & wine events, and the city becomes the scenario of an open air theatre, where the knowledge of its millenary culture expresses itself in forever new seasons of knowledge, sociability and beauty.

Theatres and movie theatres, coffee shops, traditional and International restaurants, wine shops that serve some of the best vintage wines in the world, excellent shopping, local handicraft shops, all of these make the city of Udine the focus of a world teeming with inspiration and stimulus.

A golden angel, witness of its history and industriousness, soars over the sky of Udine, solar messenger of the passing of time and of the winds above the heart of this city, designed on a human scale, where you arrive as a guest and not as a visitor, as a welcomed citizen and leave as a friend.