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The three-year-course of Artistic tattoo, is directed by Alex De Pase a world renown tattoo artist, it is the only advanced training course offered by the Accademia di Belle Arti. This is a more than 2,000 hours course and it aims at satisfying the growing  market demand for performed to rule art tattoos made by prepared and knowledgeable professionals.

The world of tattoos underwent substantial changes that modified the mass cultural perception of this practice. Ten years ago tattoos where related to disreputable people and reserved to a few; quite often it was ghettoized and disliked by the cultural mainstream  in countries of the old and new world. Nowadays tattoos have become a matter of costume, a fashion luxury item to look forward to. A current of collectors has formed among connoisseurs looking for tattoo artists and ready to put up with long waiting lists and to fly from continent to continent in order to have an “original piece” on their own skin.

In 2016 tattoos were included in the ISTAT’s shopping basket and today Italy is one of the European countries where it is most popular and practiced. Therefore, many people, mainly the young generation, wish to have a tattoo, some of them to remember a name, a phrase, others to preserve over time the portrait of a loved one, or to mark on their skin a period of their life, imitating native Polynesian people and Aborigines that initiated this practice several centuries ago.

As it happens in every market where a “demand” is created, supply has become stronger and stronger: in recent years tattoo studios have quadrupled, but quite often tattoo artists do not have the proper artistic background, they improvise a little, maybe they do have a talent, but they do not know of to take advantage of it because their only finality is income, leaving behind the passion and care needed to make their art exclusive.

MITA answers to this need: it presents itself as the only educational program in Europe and in the whole world, to help create professional tattoo artists, true masters in the art of tattooing, people who develop a deep knowledge of the subject matter and later practice it after attending various courses: from drawing to painting, marketing to business administration, from history of tattoo to practical labs were they learn techniques and the use of tools, from English language to hygiene and the fundamentals of dermatology.  

Students attending the “Course of Artistic Tattoo”  at the Accademia Tiepolo become Tattoo Artists, high qualified and specialized professionals that will find a predominant position in the tattoo market.

After three years of serous studying and hard work, future Tattoo Masters shall be able to identify themselves as true artists using the style that works best for them and to introduce themselves to the world of tattoos producing a unique quality style. It will also open them the gates of that group of high profile tattoo masters, adulated and sought-after by collectors. Tattoo collecting is destined to grow at an exponential rate. Attending courses at the Accademia Tiepolo shall guarantee to future Tattoo Masters their introduction to the market as Tattoo Artists able to combine technique, passion, talent and knowledge and establish themselves in the world of modern tattoo.

Teaching and equipment

Participants to Masters will be followed by high level teachers and artists and by Alex De Pase himself. Classes will take place in comfortable labs and rooms with state-of-the-art tools (in compliance with health and hygiene regulations) and seminars will be held by the biggest names of the artistic tattoo world.


Students may attend classes at the most prestigious tattoo artists studios .

Career opportunities

· Immediate employability
· Freelancing at highest levels
· Opening of a personal studio
· Opportunity to be part of the most prestigious studios in the world
· Possibility to hold international seminars

Alex de Pase

With 20 years of career behind him, Alex De Pase is considered today one of the leading exponents of realistic tattoos in the world.
Tattoo planning and execution requires a long preparation and artistic commitment. A path that starts from a strong passion and is guided by ability and empathy. Through this course we wish to create artists that, thanks to the understanding of aesthetic pleasure, manage to perform a very high quality work, creating on skin images and traces of a unique and eternal taste.

Registrations can be submitted at the secretariat of the Accademia di Belle Arti GB Tiepolo, or by  written request at:

For further information (schedules, fees, internship, etc) contact the Accademia Secretariat at:

0432 292256

Monday – Friday 8.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 19.00
Saturday 8.00 – 13.00

Tattoo Masters

Michele Barazzutti
Silvia Erba
Lisa Galiussi
Lucrezia Sonno
Matteo Pallini
Emma Bovolenta
Anna Gasparato
Antonio Lamonaca
Marco Scarpitti

Omar Bonutti
Ylenia Macor
Erika Panelli
Mattia Temel
Roberta Carlevaris
Sarah Lucchini
Pierpaolo Rizzitiello
Alessia Turolla Turatti