Graphic Design

Second Degree Academic Diploma
Design Department and applied arts - DASL06

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The world of communication is constantly evolving. The development of digital media and the entire business dedicated to it, are today the main field of action, where the artifacts and systems designed by graphic designers find their natural place.

The designer who works in the field of communication has strategic importance in the various scenarios dedicated to it, he is able to fit into all areas of the project and to deal with the most current representation and communication technologies.

Professional opportunities

The Graphic designer is a professional who, thanks to transversal and multidisciplinary skills, knows how to move in all areas of the communication project: coordinated corporate image, product packaging and communication, editorial graphics, television, audiovisual and multimedia publishing, character design typography, web design, interactive communication artifacts, communication design such as social networks and online platforms. We can therefore affirm that the Graphic designer is a cultural operator who, through his work, intervenes on the various relationships in close connection with the contents that each message transmits.

The training offer

The Second Level Academic Diploma in Graphic Design is aimed at students who are open to learning techniques, methods and languages ​​in their most innovative forms. A high level of training and interest is required for issues related to the culture of the project and to the forms of communication in all their aspects. The specific knowledge of the graphic designer will be deepened for the areas that concern the increasingly complex system of communication in the fields of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images (both static and moving), lettering, perception and visual variables, design information, representation techniques (motion graphics, photography, movie design), the design of communication products on analog and digital devices, off-line and on-line, the web and other Internet platforms. In the second level academic degree, the laboratories, following the workshop formula, are learning place to develop concept processing skills and to deepen the technological-digital knowledge of communication, they represent an important interdisciplinary phase of synthesis and of great design creativity.

First year HOUR CFA
Discipline teoriche
ABPR17 45 6
ABPR17 60 8
ABPC67 45 6
ABLE69 45 6
Discipline teorico-pratiche
ABTEC38 75 6
ABPR19 100 8
ABTEC37 100 8
ABTEC42 75 6
Discipline teoriche
ABPC65 45 6
Discipline teorico-pratiche
ABPC67 100 8
ABPR19 100 8
ABPR19 100 8
ABTEC37 100 8
ABTEC43 75 6
ABPC65 75 6
ABTEC38 75 6


The Accademia di Belle Arti GB Tiepolo offers deserving students with an ISEE lower than 36.000 euro the possibility to have a 1,200 euro scholarship as a reduction of their academic  fees through a ranking list published, within the month of October, on the official site. Economic requirements will be examined based on the student family’s  income and assets, keeping in mind the (ISEE), certificate of economic status for the 2019 solar year. Such certificate must be submitted within the terms indicated in the special section (Notices).

Benefits and Special Deals
Right to University Education – ARDISS

The Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education-ARDISS supports students with a  Regional Call for the assignation of benefits and for the provision of services for the right to university education: contributions for scholarships, international exchange, allocation of student accommodations and discounts for the university cafeteria.

Grants for scholarships are awarded to students attending all Universities legally located in Friuli Venezia Giulia and all AFAM Institutions. Students of the Accademia Tiepolo applying for scholarships may request further information at

ARDISS Information in Udine

Viale Ungheria, 39/b – 33100 Udine
+39 0432 245772

The admission to the Second Level Academic Diploma Course in Graphic Design requires a Bachelor’s Degree or a First Level Academic Diploma. Admission is also allowed to undergraduates / graduates of 1st level courses, as long as they guarantee the achievement of the Bachelor’s Degree / 1st Level Diploma by the last useful session of the academic year 2022/2023 and taking all the exams required by the study plan by the deadline of the relative selection sessions.