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First Degree Academic Diploma
Design Department and applied arts – DAPL06

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The first degree academic diploma in Interior Architecture and Design aims at creating professionals that can understand space  and carry out project solutions in all fields: enclosed spaces, private dwellings, commercial establishments, work places, and exhibition areas taking also an interest  in objects, together with the knowledge of technical , humanistic and artistic disciplines.

During the course, the student will come to grips with graphic representation techniques, colour theory, internal space organization and he will learn how to use material application with different  technologies.
The first level course in “Interior Architecture and Design” aims to develop design skills, artistic and professional skills, qualified by the formation of a professional figure that fuses together two models of thought and that using modelling and new technology, as well as very many expressive languages, cures the realization of living areas, work places, social places, recreation areas whishing not only to make them functional and livable but also attractive combining inside-outside features, iconography and building value.

The course supplies an adequate technical-operative formation, with methods and contents that deal with the various areas of use  (furniture, construction,  real-estate, accessories, museums, exhibitions))  in order to develop an autonomous and personal designing idea and awareness of the artistic production, as well as the management of all design-modelling-execution-communication  techniques needed to operate in all fields of application, both public and private ones.

Students are also given the opportunity to carry out internships and training stages at Design Studios and at architecture, furniture, living studios and also with companies and public and private institutions in order to acquire  operational expertise through direct experience, in view of their professional activity.

Professional opportunities

Students with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design have several opportunities in the world of work with:

  • Companies, studios and furniture companies
  • Public bodies
  • Private entities

The knowledge acquired will allow graduated students to work for manufacturing companies in various professional areas with different  qualifications. Students will be able to:

  • Develop design of new products
  • elaborate interior Design solutions curing furniture and arrangement
  • collaborate in organisation of exhibitions and cultural activities of public and private subjects
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All activities during courses, labs, meetings with special guests and workshops, will  lead, together with the final stage experience, to a preparation that will help  give immediate access to the work environment.

The ABA UD teaching program looks back at the experiences of historical design schools with their ideas of  interaction between theory and practice, and assigns  fundamental subjects to teachers as well as artists or famous professionals,  flanked by other experts in their sectors, which is a fundamental way to transfer know-how.

Learning activities will help reach the third year of studies ready to face the final stage experience together with Thesis preparation, the best business card for an immediate entry into the world of work.


The Accademia di Belle Arti GB Tiepolo offers  deserving students with an ISEE lower than 36.000 euro, enrolled in the first year of courses, the possibility to have a 1,200 euro scholarship as a reduction of their academic  fees through a ranking list published, within the month of October, on the official site. Economic requirements will be examined based on the student family’s  income and assets, keeping in mind the (ISEE), certificate of economic status for the 2019 solar year. Such certificate must be submitted within the terms indicated in the special section (Notices).

Benefits and Special Deals
Right to University Education – ARDISS

The Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education-ARDISS supports students with a  Regional Call for the assignation of benefits and for the provision of services for the right to university education: contributions for scholarships, international exchange, allocation of student accommodations and discounts for the university cafeteria.

Grants for scholarships are awarded to students attending all Universities legally located in Friuli Venezia Giulia and all AFAM Institutions. Students of the Accademia Tiepolo applying for scholarships may request further information at

ARDISS Information in Udine

Viale Ungheria, 39/b – 33100 Udine
+39 0432 245772

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, there will be no admission test to ABA UD for the a.y. 2020/2021

Registration to the Graphic design for enterprise course, will be accepted to complete the programmed number of 60 seats.

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