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Alessandro Vascotto






Born in Trieste in 1968.
Graduated in Painting from the Fine Arts Academy in Venice.
Riziero Giunti, Gherardo Pittarello, Angelo Schwarz, Ennio Chiggio, Alberto Lolli, Sandro Sproccati were fundamental to his formation together with his visiting the Velemir Theatre and the Ex OPP of Trieste.
After completing his studies he started working as an advertising  creative but her continued painting on the side.
In 1994 he met Pino Usicco and he collaborated with him in Treviso e and Venice working at the “Il Borghese” magazine and for other companies such as Reggiani SpA.
He returned to Trieste and worked as art director and graphic designer for some communication agencies in Friuli and in Veneto.
In 2004 he moved to  Gorizia and he opened his Studio with a cultural sector orientation. He carried out communication and publishing project for the Municipality of Monfalcone, for the Autonomous FVG  and others.
He went on with his artistic activity and in 2007 he published the art book “Soliloquio”.
In 2011 he moved back to Trieste and became an associate of Incipit S.r.l  covering the role of creative director.  He dealt with companies in the healthcare industry, tourism, food sector, trade and shipping, cultural institutions and activities.
In 2019 he left his work with the agency.
He continues dealing with communication and also teaches visual arts.