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Alex de pase


An Italian tattoo artist specialized in realistic tattooing and portraiture, born in Grado, province of Gorizia, in 1975.
He started tattooing at age 14 and today, after a 30-year career, he is considered one of the greatest  exponents of artistic tattooing in the world  and his tattoos are considered works of art.
He presently owns 10 tattoo studies , seven in Italy and three in Switzerland,  where he manages a staff of about fifty collaborators. In 2020 he will open a new , elegant studio in Trieste.
Nowadays  Alex De Pase holds didactic seminars all over the world, he has a two years waiting list, and his clientele reaches his studio in Grado from all over the world.
He still has several projects in the drawer, among them the imminent launch of a new line for the care of tattoos named Dermalize and an innovative App, PalettePro, for tattoo artists, that combines technology with practical artistic needs regarding tattoo inks.