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Alice Durigatto



Alice has been looking at the world from behind her camera for more than 10 years now. Through the lenses of her camera she has told us of events, festivals, traditions and people. She worked her way as a young freelance woman, building her career step by step and shot after shot, with patience, entrepreneurship and a hint of irony.

She deals with photography in the social sphere, in culture, entertainment, following the various festivals held in our Region (Vicino Lontano, Mittelfest, Far East Film Festival, La Notte dei Lettori, Il festival del Coraggio, Jazz&Wine, Invasioni Creative etc) both with reportages and as an Image Content Manager in close relationship with the social media team and the press offices.

For this reason, in response to the professional requests she gets in her profession, her path has taken her to deepen the knowledge of advertising as well as of different aspects of communication and graphic design, combining technical aspects with creative aspects through the use of Adobe software.

“I remember that night when I absolutely wanted to wait for my father return, without going to bed. My mother left me alone in the living room and turned the lights off.

I cried because I was very young but only a few minutes went by before my father arrived and turned the lights on, he dried my tears and took some pictures of me.

I believe this to be my first memory of photography.”