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Elena Rotondi



She is a System Designer with a professional and academic expertise that goes from product design to communication design, she graduated in Rome in Product Design in the year 2007. After several experiences in the working world as a graphic designer in the field of food industry and as interior & product designer, in 2009 she got her master in Food design. She went on through the years specializing in web and graphic communication and marketing. She decided to deepen her method of design thinking and in 2014 she specialized in System Design with the thesis “Transition Town Network transportable IKI living module” that was presented at the 23rd International Urban Planners exhibition in Belgrade where she won the first category award for “Researches and studies”. In the same year she was one of the ten designers selected in the whole world to participate to Lago studio, a planning experience that took place directly with the Company and under the direction of Daniele Lago. In2014 she started her collaboration with the University and with other Higher Education entities and her career nowadays is twofold: on one side her academic work as professor with some prestigious Italian universities and on the other her freelancing as a designer and consultant for the small and medium size enterprises in the territory. She teaches students and companies how to apply the design thinking method for planning and solution of complex problems which are different from time to time. In 2015 she was a designer finalist at the Perù Design Net Competition in the food section with “Pisco contest” a multi-platform marketing project.