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Ernesto Zanotti



Ernesto Zanotti is a motion designer and a freelance cartoonist.
He grew up with a diet of bred and cartoons, and he almost immediately addressed his studies towards the world of image in movement, getting his degree in Multimedial Sciences and Technologies in 2006 at the University of Udine.
During those years he discovered motion graphics and fell in love with it to the point that he decided that it was going to be his future profession.
So he started freelancing, working both as an executive and as a planner  for promotional videos and not only that, he also worked for important events such as the Far East Film Festival, the University of Trieste, Calligaris and collaborating to the realization of material for Benetton, illycaffè, Campagnolo, Trudi, and, more recently, visuals of live appearances of Daniele Silvestri, Alessandra Amoroso and Fabrizio Moro.
For him each project is an occasion to mix styles, to combine new and traditional techniques, but more than anything else, to play with images in order to create innovative and enthralling contents.