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Eva Comuzzi





Eva Comuzzi is an Art Historian and a curator.
She worked for several years for the Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea in Monfalcone, specializing in the work of young generations. At the end of this experience she founded NASAC (Nuova Accademia delle Arti Storico-Artistiche Contemporanee), an itinerant and transversal project whose finality is, through lessons open to the public, to divulge art and connect it with other disciplines. In 2009 she attended the courses of bio-energy, Cabala and Tarots held by Emanuele Mocarelli and Antonino Maiorana, a precious source of integration in her path of studies. In 2014 and 2016 she was selected in two summer universities with the Centre Pompidou and the Kent University, in Paris. She collaborated with the Italian Embassy and the Ars Aevi Museum of Sarajevo, ArtVerona and MOROSO. She is presently collaborating with several associations and private galleries and writes for the magazines Exibart and Artribune. She is the President of the O.R.A Award.