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Gianni Borta


Gianni Borta was born and lives in Udine, he works in his hometown and in Milan. He started participating to exhibitions in 1961, his inspiration was the Neo-Realism of Fiulian rural world. He is today one of the most significant Italian artists of the middle generation: he participated to 870 exhibitions and to 172 solo exhibitions held in major Italian cities and abroad. He was awarded 250 national and International awards during 58 years of his painting career. He is considered a protagonist of the well-known naturalistic art, with his extraordinary and unique way of painting. He always participates to the most important art festivals: Biennials, Quadriennale nazionale of Rome, International Graphics Biennal of Ljubljana, all Art Fairs, among them Artexpo in New York and Kunstmesse in Basel, Arte Fiera in Bologna, Wash-Art Fair in Washington (U.S.A.), Europ’Art Geneve, Tüyap Istanbul, Art Fair Kunst Wien 96, Kunst aus Italien in München, Art Cannes, Art-Philadelphia, Triennial Print Krakow Poland. Internationally, he held exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Venezuela, Argentina, Arab Emirates, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain, Ukraine, China, Russia, Sweden, The United States, Finland. His works are permanently exhibited in the following Galleries and Museums: Art Gallery of Saint Petersburg, Galerie Ruf in Monaco, Galerie Breheret in Paris, Originals Prints Collectors in New York, Galerie Miroofi Prague, Foster Oversea Original Arts Museum of Shanghai, Dan Huang Art Museum of Beijing, just to name a few. Many of his works are in public buildings, such as mosaics in schools, hospitals, sport facilities, judicial buildings, correctional facilities and monuments. He can also be seen in International research labs and as a lecturer in cultural meetings. He also has a great activity as an engraver, graphic, illustrator of books, posters and magazines. A good number of TV programs has been dedicated to his work. His activity is well documented at the Historical Archives of the Biennale of Venice and at the Archivio per l’arte italiana del novecento in Florence, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz. He is listed on Artprice, world leader for artistic information. Due to his intense artistic activity and the themes he covered, he is now seen as a head artist.