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Marco Covi





A Marginal epigone of a disarming humanistic tradition, Marco Covi was born in Winter between the sea and the Karst during the Cold War and prior to the Warm Autumn. He practiced several ball sports for a long time, and then, suddenly, he devoted himself to architecture: he studied it, criticized it, set it up, laid it out and, mainly, he photographed it. He boasts several prestigious collaborations, the most important one of which is the one with Valeria, that produced three children. He realized photographic campaigns for private entities and public institutions and reportages for National magazines. He worked for publishers, architecture studios, trade magazines, communication agencies and companies operating in the design field. In 2016 he taught a course on Digital Photography with the Accademia di Belle Arti in Udine. Tragically suspended between irredeemable moments and redeeming Grace, he ended up taking a sit on the threshold of the moment, with the exquisitely modern result of being totally disorientated and out of time.