Application for transfer from another Academy, must be addressed to the Director and must be received by the Accademia Tiepolo within 30th September of each academic year. Together with the application for incoming transfer from another Institution at the same level, the applicant must attach his academic curriculum with all exams taken and ECTS obtained, and, if deemed necessary by the Director, the programs for each single course attended by the student.

The Director, advised by the Academic Council, shall recognize the studies carried out at the previous Academy, based on:

– any integrations and/or educational debits in case study plans do not match the  ABA UD curricula – any ECTS in excess between the ABA UD curriculum  and the previous study plans.

Students transferring from another institution must, anyway, possess the diploma or degree required  to access to single courses.


The student may transfer to another institution submitting a transfer application within September 30th of each academic year.

Should the Academy of destination request it, a document showing acceptation of the transfer application by the Academy itself shall be also attached. As from the date of the transfer application to another Academy, the student shall interrupt its academic career with Accademia Tiepolo, unless the request has been withdrawn before the outgoing transfer request has been submitted.

Acceptance of transfer to another Academy does not imply any tax refund, or refund of any other contribution or fee paid by the student. The student transferring to another Academy shall take his curriculum with, indicating all exams taken with the pertaining ECTS acquired, and the academic program already covered.

Course transfers

The student is allowed to transfer from one course of study to another of the same level, submitting a request to the Director of the Accademia by December 15 for students enrolled in the Ist academic year and by 15 September for students enrolled in years following the first.

Acquired ECTS are recognized only if they are provided for in the study plan of the Accademia they have transferred to. The student must also fulfill all basic and specific teachings,  for the full duration of the new course of study.

All transfer mechanisms and admission tests will be transposed in the Course and Information Booklet.