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Educational objectives
The purpose of the course of Chromatology  is the study of colour in its many aspects: historical, scientific, technical,  symbolical.
Colour seen as the expression of an idea, of a shape, of a space, of a feeling, of a message.
The objective is to provide analytic and critical methods for planning.
Course contents
Starting from history of colour, we will then go on with the study of single colours,  symbolism of colour, colour perception, with particular attention towards their use in the world of ancient  and contemporary art, graphic design, publishing, interior design.

Teaching methods
Each class will be part of the deepening of some essential theoretic elements. During practical and Lab classes, exercises and graphic executions will allow deepening of covered topics.
Periodic  individual and collective reviews  will help verify the learning process.

Methods of evaluation
Evaluation of graphics and drawings, a final theoretical-graphic thesis focused on the interaction of colour applied to the world of painting, of graphics, of interior design- according to the different  academic choices made by the student-together with a deep historical, technical and compositional analysis.
Oral evaluation of themes covered and resumed in the handouts, will give students a chance to show their preparation.

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