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Objectives and contents

The course helps the student reach knowledge and understanding of tools put at his disposal by the Adobe package: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Particular attention will be given to understanding which is the most suitable software for the creation of an elaborate and for file management while using different kinds of software. Students must be able to manage correctly the colour space, resolution and technical settings to develop an elaborate for printout and a web layout.

The course supplies the knowledge for the complete use of Adobe graphic software: Photoshop to manage photographic images and the creation of a graphic bitmap, Illustrator for creation of illustrative graphic elements, typographic elements in vector environment and InDesign for layout.

Methods of evaluation

Individual testing, where course output will be evaluated, giving specific attention to coherence of materials chosen and the quality of the production process; basic knowledge and peculiarities of the each software will also be verified.