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Educational objectives

Drawing, with its visual, emotional, design power, acquires today a new communicative feature. Graphic and segnic expression is not placed on a subsidiary communication plan, but on total expressive autonomy.

Sign, as means of pictorial investigation, takes on a specific language role , graphics become themselves a finished work of art.

To better address the issues herewith, we have to analyze four operational phases: practical-rational drawing, exploratory research drawing, personal autonomous drawing, segnic drawing.

Practical-rational drawing: contents of design drawing, preparatory to the work, aimed at artistic production. Drawing is the essence of creativity, it is a graphic language, incisive in the creative process of the work of art.

Exploratory research drawing: drawing seen as investigation and method of analysis, aid as an understanding of form; creative drawing; drawing as reality of continual experimentation, a bridge between conscious and unconscious creativity, the sketch or the graphic note, as a moment of spontaneous creativity devoid of language pattern; study drawing, copying of  real life models, synthesis of Nature’s image.

Personal autonomous drawing: the student will work with independent graphic drawing in search for pure feelings-ideas. The graphic work will be an end in itself, autonomous and representative.

Segnic drawing: during exercises the student will be constantly stimulated and urged in a quest for its own personal  expressive mark, which is at the base of the unique creative signature.

Teaching methods

Topics will be taught in two different ways:

Graphic diary/book – (research and functional drawing): students must always carry a scrapbook/notebook where they will draw on a daily basis and where they will write suggestions, visions, shapes, intuitions, images, with the utmost expressive immediacy.

Lab – (autonomous drawing): during Lab activity drawing will be seen as an autonomous and finished work of art. Students will be guided towards the search for the sign and for the most appropriate support to express personal themes, in order to reach a final exhibition artwork.

Methods of evaluation

We will evaluate works done by the student during the academic year.