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Proliferation of digital devices and their continuous daily use in the most different areas, calls for an indispensable basic knowledge of computer use and of computer tools in approaching the artistic, graphic, illustration world.

This course wishes to supply basic knowledge on the use of personal computer and, specifically, to illustrate the main functions of the most popular digital processing  programs for rastel and vector images (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) and basic knowledge for digital publishing (Adobe InDesign).


Management of file dimensions, colour  methods and formats.

Adobe Illustrator:

  • complex and simple vector forms manipulation and combination
  • use of the “pen” tool (Beziér curves)
  • text management and manipulation
  • image tracing operations bitmap.

The finality is to acquire basic technical knowledge to realize text compositions and vector drawings.


Adobe InDesign:

  • creation and management of multipage documents
  • master pages management  and simple  text automatisms
  • creation of styles and interaction between text, graphics and images.

The finality is to acquire basic technical knowledge to realize simple printed products.


Adobe Photoshop:

  • use selection tools
  • make proper adjustments, tonal correction and selective edits.
  • Create and use levels and masks
  • use level styles, filters and blend methods.


The finality is to acquire basic technical knowledge to realize simple photo editing and photo-montage.

Some useful exercises will be suggested during classes to become familiar with program functions and iconographic examples taken from the art and communication world, emphasising ductility of image processing media and, consequently,  of the signifiers and the meaning inside of a fluid system.

Students will be invited to a personal approach to this discipline, keeping in mind rules and limitations as well as their particular inclination, wishing to stimulate them to develop their own artistic research using digital tools, both individually and with group work.