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Educational objectives
To lead students, during the whole course, towards a careful and deepened project procedure, we will, first of all, operate to make fully understandable the different characteristics of the two main kinds of Graphic Design, from which all following variations and combinations originate: the informative one and the one with strong attractive(or narrative) characteristics . All well organized visual communication systems ( such as building a corporate identity and  promotion campaigns for products, services and technology) are essentially based on use of different techniques and strategies  related to these two different and substantial macro-themes.  One has to know them well to understand all the variants, seen as combinations of the two typologies.

The main educational objective is to offer students the possibility to develop a critical design concept with a technical-practical knowledge , also feeding their power of observation, the ability to compare and verify reaching the conscience of methods (systems) of approach to design. Further attention shall be given to awareness building towards  shape, colours, composition and organization of the graphic field.


  1. Recognition of visual communication codes (acquired stable meaning and their contemporary value. )  Language of signs, used and usable forms of writing.
  2. Study of dialectic relationship between image and text seen as the focus of all problems linked to graphic design.
  3. Principles and methods to be applied in order to transform a message from a condition of disarray to a condition of order.
  4. Research of simplicity and development of ability to synthesize.
  5. Regarding points 2 and 3, definition and put into practice of a planning method in 5 basic, fundamental steps.
  6. Meeting contemporaneity. Incursions into several disciplines close to the one that determines graphic language, understood as a fundamental link and a connection with other study subjects.
  7. All of the above shall contribute to the formation of capacity of construction of a visual identity system for a company, an advertising campaign or a (cultural and not cultural) public entity.
  8. Development of  team work abilities. Also assigning some small and fast exercises (instant works).

Teaching methods
Frontal lessons, practical exercises. Developing power of observation and ability to compare. Simulation of design projects paths and direct imaging of the same, establishing  the proper process. Research, analysis and design  will first be individually done and then by a group (final project). But the core  of every indicated procedure will be the system of ongoing review of works gradually produced (individually and not.)

Methods of evaluation
Final test. Written test. Final exam with quick review of all things produced during the study period.