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Educational objectives

The First year of painting is centered on still life. The student acquires a basic knowledge of painting techniques, correct image reading and conscious management of materials and their possible interaction, by re-proposing different objects from life.

This path allows achievement of effective tonal and chromatic image management.

Skills acquired

Image geometrical and spatial decoding.

Knowledge of oil and non-oil  painting techniques in their main performing dynamics.

Handling of pictorial materials and possible interactions.

Comprehension of image tonal and chromatic values.

Re-proposition of still life based on acquired skills.

Methods of evaluation

The final exam focuses on evaluation of works done by the student during the course and on a practical exam consisting in realization of a still life from life.


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Mauro Matteini, Arcangelo Moles – La chimica nel restauro – I materiali dell’arte pittorica – Nardini Editore
Maria Bazzi – ABECEDARIO PITTORICO – Neri Pozza Editore