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Snippets of History of Photography.
Acquire basic notions of photographic language and techniques.
Learn about and master the photographic tool through the use of Accademia equipment.
Recognize light as a fundamental design tool and the importance  of its influence on the human being.
Know the factors that influence natural light and be able to face resulting problems.
Know  methods of combination of natural light with artificial light for a complete lighting project.
Author analysis.


  • The Reflex as a multi-purpose tool in photography and video feed.
  • The Diaphragm, the shutter, advantages and limitations of different  focal lengths, and zoom.
  • Light and image formation: characteristics of light,  light sources, light measurement and evaluation techniques.
  • The photographic eye: image composition, capacity to assess its contents.
  • Natural and artificial light.
  • Transpose into video learnt photographic knowledge, image setting thought for the moment.

Teaching methods
Frontal lessons and exercises, group work and didactic visits.